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50 predictions for 2011

Influx Insights 50 predictions for 2011 - These predictions range from the macro to the micro and all spaces in-between, mainly been culled from a year's worth of Influx posts and explore the transforming landscape of brands, media, technology and culture.

Monday, 07 February 2011 14:29


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Food traceability

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Food traceability is a growing trend. Springwise looks at ten ten food brands that give consumers access to information on the origins of their products' ingredients. It says that while these efforts are baby steps toward true traceability - and critics are somewhat justified in their assertion that images of verdant fields and smiling farmers are little more than marketing tools - smart brands are nonetheless moving in the direction of increased transparency.

1. Stone-Buhr - Buyers of Stone-Buhr's All Purpose Flour can type in a lot code on the company's website to see which family farms grew the grain. Stone-Buhr's emphasis is on spotlighting the family-owned farms in the American Northwest who supply it with certified sustainable wheat.

2. Coca-Cola - In the UK, Coca-Cola launched a web app that allows consumers to trace the origin of their can or bottle of Coke. Instead of divulging the sources of ingredients, Coca-Cola focuses on manufacturing locations, distribution and environmental impact. It estimates the carbon footprint of a drink, and shows the address of the factory it was made in.


Monday, 07 February 2011 14:14


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11 digital predictions for 2011

From Contagious magazine: What's next for apps, search, display, gaming and privacy in 2011? Millward Brown's Futures Group's global innovation director identifies the hottest digital trends for 2011:

1. Brands will juggle their presence in the Splinternet - The internet will continue to splinter into a public open web and semi-walled gardens, as surfing the web is often replaced by running apps or viewing pages on Facebook.   Applications and fan pages are popular because they allow marketers to control and simplify consumer interactions. However, brands will increasingly need to tend multiple 'gardens', often building different applications for specific platforms to ensure they are both relevant and present everywhere their consumers want to encounter them.

2 . Evolution of online shopping as augmented reality technologies bridge intangibility gap - Despite some remaining fears around disclosure of personal information, online shopping will continue to grow strongly. Many countries will follow the US in their enthusiastic uptake of collective buying services like Groupon. Fuelled by their love of a bargain, there are currently more than 500 of these sites in China, though many are expected to fade into obscurity. In the UK, mobile shopping apps will be particularly popular, while in India we expect to see growth in online travel ticket purchasing that helps consumers bypass long queues at stations. Globally we also expect brands to use innovative new technologies, including augmented reality, to help bridge the 'intangibility gap' that exists because consumers can't touch and feel a product they purchase online.


Monday, 07 February 2011 14:06


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Most Contagious 2010

Most Contagious 2010: a free round-up of the biggest global trends, technologies and campaigns of the year, pulled together by Contagious Magazine.

Contagious says, “In 2010, the smartest brands realised that the model is not 360, it’s 365. This means thinking editorially, reacting in real time and engaging in reciprocal conversations to distribute content that feels generous, useful and personalised. As we’ve always said, the best brands are those that see themselves as networks which connect like-minded people around shared interests and causes.


Monday, 07 February 2011 13:56


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